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New Year’s Journal Page

Originally uploaded by Traci Bunkers

Happy New Year! I just finished a journal page for the new year, and had a great time working in my studio, feeling very happy. It was so cold in my studio, even with 2 heaters going, I had to work while wearing my coat and gloves with the fingertips cut off. I had to come into my house a few times to warm up, but I was determined to work in my journal today. I thought about starting a new journal since it’s a new year, and this one is so heavy and almost done. But I decided instead to see it through to the very end! Plus it will give me time to make a new journal. I think the next one won’t have as many pages in it so I can get through it faster. I started this journal the beginning of 2009. So it has taken me awhile to get through it.

The photo on the right was taken last night when I went out for a bit for New Year’s Eve. I almost stayed home because it was so cold, and I was feeling kind of down, which made me really want to stay home. I talked to my pal Juliana Coles, and she said I had 2 choices: to stay home and be sad, or go out and have a good time. I knew she was right, so I went out and and a nice time. Even though I was home before midnight, I fell asleep happy that I made myself get out and shift my energy. Plus, I made some art connections for a place to possibly show my work.

The larger photo on the left was taken this morning, for my very first self-portrait for the new year. I love how the iPhoto apps make me look glamorous. The smaller photo underneath was taken a few days ago. Although I do still love shooting with film cameras, I have to say, I love the immediacy of shooting digital and being able to use it right away in my journal pages. And I am really loving taking pictures with my iPod touch. More on that later!

I hope everyone had a great holidays. I did. I spent Christmas pretty much by myself, and had a wonderful time making art. I’ll blog about that with pictures very soon! So stay tuned!

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