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30 Days of Drawing – 12.30.11

Last night, I participated in the Final Friday Gallery Crawl here in Lawrence, KS. It was a smaller attendance than we’ve had the other times, but we expected that might be the case due to the timing with the holidays. We still had a great time, and it was nice to see new [… read more]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.29.11

I’m almost done. It’s amazing how long this is taking. Tonight I added color to everything that was doodled, and I spent about an hour and a half on it. I wanted to finish tonight, but I need to get to bed. It’s after 1am, and tomorrow I’m showing my work at the [… read more]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.28.11

I had a long day today, mainly spent editing a knitting pattern. But I took a break and went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I fell asleep during it for a little bit! Luckily my friend woke me up. It was no reflection on the movie–it had more to do with [… read more]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.27.11

Tonight I added color to the drawing I’ve been working on. Color makes it look so different! Although I have used marker on it, tonight I only used my Koi watercolor set. You can see the rest of my posts for 30 Days of Drawing here.

[… read more]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.26.11

Tonight, while I was listening to my weekly tele-conference class “Your Best Life in the Arts” with Eric Maisel, I doodled in my sketchbook and took in what Dr. Maisel was talking about. The subject tonight was “The Societal Key” and how as artists we might censor ourselves to fit in with our [… read more]

Resources to Boost Your Art Career

I’m sure you all think I’ve got my act together since I’ve published two books, have had my artwork published in lots of books and magazines, and have been teaching workshops around the US for a very long time. The truth is, I don’t! But it’s something I’ve definitely been working on, and [… read more]