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30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.20.12

Well, I did do a tiny bit of art yesterday, I just didn’t get it posted. I unfortunately was still not feeling well.


I played a little on my iPad with a drawing & painting app called Paper by 53. I’ve had it for awhile, and didn’t really get what all the fuss was about. But I just had what came with it–which was just a pen & eraser tools. After asking a few friends, and seeing what my friend Diana Trout did with it, I realized I needed to buy the “Essential Kit” for it.  That gives you a brush so you can do watercolor, and some other tools. That made all the difference!




It works best with a stylus, instead of just using your finger.



A cool feature with the app is “rewind”, where you can undo what you’ve done. Draw circles in a counter-clockwise motion with two fingers, and it rewinds what you’ve drawn. You can go backwards as far as you want. And if you go too far, go the other direction to redo what you just undid. I really like that you can layer. I want to play with it more now that I’m starting to figure it out.


Thankfully I was feeling a little better today. So I started making a new journal. Since I couldn’t decide on a book to use for the cover, I decided to completely make my own.



I used old record album covers for the outside covers. My back and front covers are from two different albums. I was going to use the one on the left for the front. But after I cut it down to size, I thought it would look better on the back. So I chose a colorful album cover for the front.



Here’s the inside covers. I collaged prints of my photos for the end papers, then painted them. I’ll do more collaging later on the inside covers. Hopefully tomorrow I can prepare the paper I want to use for the pages, and sew them in.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! We had lovely weather here today in Lawrence.

P.S. I will more than likely be changing web hosts within the next several days. So if you are unable to get to my site, that means it’s in the process of switching. Just try back in a few hours. Thanks!

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