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30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.23.12

My website wasn’t working yesterday, so even though I got my art on, I wasn’t able to post it.
I worked on my new journal.

I chose the pages from old books that I wanted to use as the new pages in my journal. These are the ones I chose.



These are the books that they came out of. I love to use old book pages, especially ones from foreign books.



After tearing them down to the right size, I folded them into signatures. Signatures are the sets of nested pages. I usually have 4 signatures in my handmade books.



Then today, I sewed them into my journal. The Red Rosin Paper that I used is very curly because I’m near the end of the roll. So right now it’s not laying flat in the book, but it will relax soon and behave. I LOVE red rosin paper. You can usually find it in the paint section of hardware stores. It’s inexpensive and a roll will last you a long time.



I meant to decorate the spine before I sewed the pages in. But I was so excited to sew them in, I forgot! So I did a little stamping and drawing after I was finished.



I used a hand-carved stamp that was the perfect size to fit between the stitching. Then I did some drawing on it with Sakura Glaze Pens.





I’m so excited to have a new journal to work in! I hope I can work in it soon. The rest of the week I need to finish up my Halloween costume, and get some new artwork finished for Final Friday gallery crawl, which is already this coming Friday.

I hope everyone is hanging in there, doing some artwork every day. Be sure to check out the artists who are participating in my 30 Days of Get Your Art On.


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