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Last Wednesday, I was the guest artist for 21 Secrets Live!* Here’s the journal page that I created during the live spreecast. If you click on it, you can see a bigger version. I didn’t get the whole journal page finished during the broadcast since I talked during it and answered questions, but I finished it right after we signed off. I hadn’t worked in my journal for awhile, so it felt great to finally work in it again. And journaling about gratitude always makes me feel good.

Registration for 21 Secrets Live is already closed, but you can still sign up for the “regular” 21 Secrets workshops. (the link is my affiliate link, so I’ll get a little scratch if you use it to sign up for 21 Secrets. Thanks!)

2 comments to Gratitude

  • Cathe Ekas

    Traci, I really enjoyed watching you on 21 Secrets.
    I love how you just pick things randomly to put down on your page. I have been collecting magazine pictures for a long time and have always spent a very long time trying to find images that I thought went together. Your way is a lot more fun and definitely quicker. Thank you for an enjoyable time.

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