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Artist Statement

Traci Bunkers self-portraitI work energetically with wild abandonment. Sometimes I play music that I sing and dance to while other times I prefer to work in silence, losing track of all time. An urge to express myself with my hands, whether it’s making a stamping tool, putting paint on paper or fabric, taking a photograph, or working in my art journal is what usually pushes me to create. Often I get new ideas while I’m walking my dog, with my camera in hand. I like to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, often over-looked items that I can use as the subject for one of my photographs, or repurpose it into an alternative printing tool. That carries over into my love of experimentation and finding new uses and applications of items and materials.

With a background in visual communication, my work has an underlying structure combined with organic, spontaneous energy. I work intuitively and freely, which leaves me open to explore new ways of combining different media or using a material in a different way. The process of creating is my focus rather than the outcome, which gives my finished pieces a fresh and spontaneous feel.

Inspired by color, textures, and dilapidated things, I like to build layers with paint, mark-making and collage to create depth and visual textures. I continue to work the layers, adding and taking away from them to give a feeling that things have been unearthed, matching the physical exposure with the emotional expression. Creating from an emotional place, the openness and vulnerability of my work helps people to connect with it, making them able to see the world through my eyes, whether the piece is a photograph or an art journal page.

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