How to use Henna Stencils in Your Art Journal, Parts 1 & 2

I like to use henna stencils in my art journal and other art work, and always get questions from people on them. Since I just started selling them, I decided to make a mini workshop video of how to use them in your art journal to answer some of those questions. In the mini-workshop, the first part covers preparing the henna stencils and how to use them with acrylic paint. In the second part, using the Copic Air brush system is covered. I use it not only to airbrush with the stencils, but also to create shadows. I hope you enjoy it! henna stencils
Here is the finished journal page.

journal page 02.23.11

When I collaged down the self-portrait on the left, it covered parts of the henna stencil border. I re-stenciled the area at the top of my head and on the side to integrate the photo into the journal spread. I used the same techniques as before, but only re-stenciled the areas that were covered by the photo. The other images that I collaged also covered the stenciled henna designs, but I felt they worked like that and helped the images to come forward. The alphabet stamps that I used to stamp "I need Spring" are Lerku. You might recognize some of the other stamps from my 30 Days of Carving. The self-portrait on the bottom right is a Polaroid pogo double exposure. I used lots of different pens, but mainly Sakura Glaze & Souffle. I used a white Uni-ball Signo UM153 pen to write on top of what I had already written. It turned a little pinkish in places because I had already created several layers of writing with different pens. (I often write back on top of what I have already written. Just cuz.)

These stencils, along with other art journaling & mixed-media supplies are available at