Hand-dyed Scandia Wool Yarn

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I just got all of these hand-dyed yarns uploaded to my etsy store. I haven’t had time to get things on my site yet, so my etsy shop is where it’s at for now. The yarn is Scandia–a thick and thin super-bulky 100% yarn. It’s great for knitting, crocheting, or using as the weft in weaving. I have used it for hats, mittens, and a vest, all of which work up very fast! I hand-dyed these yarns myself, and the colors are repeatable.

Each skein is approx 62 yds and approx 4 oz.

Go here to get them!

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  1. Hi, I recently finished spinning a wool/tencel that you dyed many years ago. I would love to purchase others (or more indian summer if your still dying that color group). I looked on etsy but didn’t find any fiber at your store.

  2. Hi Sheri,
    It sounds like you didn’t see the links to my shop in the right sidebar or the top menu (just under the top photo), that’s part of my blog. This post that you commented on is from 5 years ago, so the link in it for the yarn is old and goes to my etsy shop for my mixed-media things. Here’s the link to my fiber in my shop: https://www.tracibunkers.com/shop/category/spinning-fiber –from there you can navigate to which fiber you want to look at. I’ve got more fibers & colors than what I’ve got listed, but if it says I’m sold out, then I really am. But if you’d like something that you don’t see, just send me an e-mail and I’ll see if I’ve got it. To e-mail me, scroll up to the top of my blog, and under my photo on the right, click on “Send me a love note”. Also, if you are in my area, I’m having an open house this next Saturday, Sept. 14th.

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