New Things For Sale!

I’ve been working hard getting more things listed on my web site and on my etsy shop. I’ve listed hand-dyed rayon chenille yarn in several colors, a nicely textured rayon yarn I call Rayon Ruffles in several colors, more hand-dyed spinning fibers in bamboo ‘n merino, tencel ‘n merino, and superwash merino. I’ve also made […]

Back from New Mexico

self-portrait Originally uploaded by Traci Bunkers My birthday was Friday, November 14th, and I went to visit my two best friends in New Mexico for it. It was a quick, 4-day trip, but it was great. I didn’t have much time to take pictures, but I’ll post some that I did take. The photo here […]

The Beckoning of Lovely

I found out about this little movie from my friend Juliana Coles. Maybe I’m a little overly emotional today, whether it’s from PMS or from getting over a cold, or just because I’m an emotional person, but this lovely little film made me teary-eyed. I just thought it was so wonderful that so many total […]

stuff from the Universe

I was introduced to “the Universe” from an online friend, and get daily e-mail notes that are light-hearted but something to think about. The note today was this: I do wonder, Traci, how it is that you don’t ALL just fall crazy in love with each other and get it over with…Falling in love, I […]