New Things For Sale!

I’ve been working hard getting more things listed on my web site and on my etsy shop. I’ve listed hand-dyed rayon chenille yarn in several colors, a nicely textured rayon yarn I call Rayon Ruffles in several colors, more hand-dyed spinning fibers in bamboo ‘n merino, tencel ‘n merino, and superwash merino. I’ve also made more pocket mirrors, buttons and a few books for journaling, sketching or collaging.

Not everything is in both places, so if you don’t see something in one place, try the other. If you end up having to place orders from both places, I’ll refund you the extra shipping and send everything in one shipment! Why go out in the cold weather when you can shop in your jammies at home drinking hot chocolate with your favorite four-legged friend(s) curled up on your lap!

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