30 Days of Journaling – day 30

30 Days of Journaling - Day 30

Tonight I finished the journal spread that I started last night. I decided for my final journal spread of my 30 days of Journaling, it would be fitting to do a gratitude page. Before I did anything, I noticed there was a tear on the right page at the top near the spine. I use old book pages, so that happens. I fixed it with some masking tape, and then put a few colors of paint on it so it would blend into the background.

Then I started by collaging down a black & white self-portrait. This is an actual photo from an old camera that uses film. (So it’s from a photo lab and not a print out.) I tore the photo around my silhouette on the left side, but decided I didn’t like how it looked. So when I collaged it down, I glued down the torn off piece first, and then the photo. I decided the tear going through it would be more interesting than if I left the torn piece off. Then I buffed in some Golden Fluid Acrylics over that area of the photo to match the background a little. The photo’s left edge didn’t want to stay down, so I helped it out with some washi tape.

Next I stamped Gratitude at the top with my Blind Melon stamps, then I stamped the arched design along the top right and the left side. It had trouble stamping where the surface was raised from collage. Normally that doesn’t bother me, but I didn’t want it to detract. So I filled in the design where it didn’t print with a Pitt Pen. I used it because it’s permanent, and I thought I might want to color in parts of the stamped image with magic markers. If I hadn’t used a permanent marker, then the colors might have run together.

I did all of the writing with a Uniball Double-sided pocket brush pen. I used the fine end. When I do my gratitude writing, I just write about everything I can think of that I’m grateful for until I run out of room to write. When I was done writing, I stamped my heart hand-carved stamp, then colored in the stamps & headline with some magic markers. The last thing I did besides putting the date on the top left was to put some clear tape over the tear on the photo. It seemed like it wasn’t sticking down too well. And I love to put tape on things, even if it’s clear. The tape is actually a transparent yellow, but you can’t tell here.

Okay, that’s it. I am so proud of myself for working in my journal every single day for 30 days, and for posting it. It forced me to work a little differently in my journal than I usually do. For the most part, I usually finish my journal spread in one sitting. And while I like working this way, it causes me to not work in my journal if I feel I don’t have enough time. So this taught me that I can work in my journal even if I only have 15-30 minutes. The bad thing about that is if that’s all the time I have and I don’t have time to clean up, the area where I work can get pretty messy after awhile. (But in reality, that happens anyway . . . )

With my 30 Days of Carving and My 30 Days of Journaling, I loved that it forced me in a way, wait, let me change that to it allowed me to be creative every day. I work so much, I often feel I don’t have time to do art, even though that’s what keeps me going! So this gave me permission to do something artistic every day. I want to keep on with my 30 days projects, but I’m not sure what. I haven’t been drawing every day since my 30 days of carving. And I miss that. But I’m thinking what I might do is to do something creative every day and post it. I’m going to think about, and I’ll let you know! So stay tuned!

Be sure to check out what Bianca did for her final journal spread. You can see the rest of my posts for this project here.

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  1. I've enjoyed your month of daily journaling, Traci. It's interesting to me to hear that you have to force yourself to do something creative each day, even though your livelihood is your art. It helps me be more forgiving of the fact that I have to make a conscious effort to pursue art in the midst of my daily life. I'll tell you, though, it's getting easier and easier…I think I've gotten into an "art habit", and that's a really great thing for me.

  2. Congratulations on 30 days of art journaling! That is such an accomplishment to someone like me who takes days to do a single page.

    I love what you said, "this taught me that I can work in my journal even if I only have 15-30 minutes". I will try to take that to heart.

    30 days of 30 gorgeous pages – wow!!!

  3. Traci: I love your page. I've felt the same about setting aside the time to work and doing this with you has enabled me to work everyday. I remembered that I like working in my journal. I too feel like doing something else, although I don't know what I'm going to do. Not working in my journal today felt WEIRD! Thanks for your inspiration and support.

  4. I'm proud of you for making time to make art for yourself every day, and grateful that you shared it with us. I feel like we as artists spend so much time hustling and making art for everyone else in order to pay the bills, so it's necessary to do something just for you. I think that also keeps the juices flowing and prevents creative burnout. Loving the vibrant color here, too.

    Hoping all is well, looking forward to your next project 🙂

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