I’ve Moved!

(The above photo was taken with my iPod Touch using my new favorite iPhone app, Cameramatic.) I made the move today, and you probably didn’t even know it. After getting everything pretty much set-up, I was able to import everything, set-up a redirect and also make it so no one had to resubscribe! I feel […]

Almost Ready to Move!

Hi Everyone! First I want to thank everyone for all of the helpful comments and suggestions about moving my blog to my own site and using wordpress. Sorry I wasn’t able to thank everyone individually. But I did read each one and it helped me figure out what to do. I decided to go ahead […]

Self-hosted wordpress blog?

Hey everyone. I recently watched an excellent online talk about web marketing by Megan Auman. She mentioned that you should have your blog on your own site instead of on a different site (like I do). I did some research, and I’m thinking of switching it over. She suggested using a self-hosted wordpress blog. Has […]

A Journaling Page from my Journaling Workshop

I’ve missed blogging since my 30 Days of Journaling! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time (or now I guess I should say I haven’t made time) to work in my journal other than the journaling workshop I taught in my studio the first weekend of April. I took the above photo during the workshop. It’s actually […]