30 Days of Get Your Art On – Day 1

Get your art on buttons
After posting about my new 30 day challenge, I was so excited by the response I got, I made buttons! They are available in my etsy shop, and tomorrow I’ll put them in the shop on my web site.

07.01.11 Journal Page in progress

I started a journal page tonight for my first day of making art every day, and this is what I got done. The big red squares are screen printed with a thermofax screen. The image on the screen is a picture I took of old, crackly asphalt in front of my house. The creepy doll photo is a pogo print of one of my creepy dolls in my front yard. The self-portrait is one I took during the winter with my Fuji Instax camera.

What all did you do? Feel free to leave a comment with a link to where everyone can see what you did today.

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  1. Thanks!
    Wow, my first comment on my first blog – this is so much fun;-)

    Yes, I love strong colors! Helps me to wake-up in the morning, that’s what drew me to your art your work is so vibrant and the textures and colors make me smile. Now who couldn’t use more smiles in their day;-)

    Traci, I just recently purchased two of your books “Print & Stamp Lab” and “Art Journal Workshop” I love them both – thanks for including a DVD with your art journaling book (such a great price too!). I highly recommend both books to anyone getting started in playing with mix media and like myself are still in the process of finding their own voice in this art world. I look forward to sharing art and ideas with everyone!

    Link to the books mentioned here:

    Now let’s make art!

    Here is what I did today – http://alchemy-artmemories.blogspot.com.

    I changed my URL since yesterday so use this link to access my blog. THANKS

    • Whoops, I got confused since I read this on day 2. It’s okay if you don’t start on the same day I’m starting. My first 30 days projects, I started some time after the first of the month. It really doesn’t matter when you start, just commit to making art every day for 30 days. You don’t even have to blog about it. Make rules that work for you!

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