$50 off Registration for my Art Is . . . Petaluma Workshops July 4th only!

The organizers of Art Is . . . You West Coast decided to offer a $50 off your full registration for the workshops being held in Petaluma, CA September 22-27. This offer is for Monday, July 4th only! Use the coupon code JULY4. This is a great chance for those of you on the west coast to take a hand-on workshop from me. I’m teaching 3 workshops:

The Maiden Voyage: Journaling for Beginners Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011

A visual journal combines various aspects of mixed-media and written word to personally express oneself. This workshop is for anyone who is intrigued with visual journaling, but feels like a deer in the headlights, not knowing how to even start to visually express themselves, or feels like they can’t do it because they don’t have the skill or art background. Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you. I’ll take away the fear and obstacles and open up a new world for you, teaching you everything to get you started on your new journaling quest. Starting with conquering the blank page through playing with paint, stamps, and collage, we’ll get our hands moving to free our minds and quiet the critic. Then I’ll gently guide you to the next level: journaling. I’ll teach you how to combine mixed-media and imagery with text for your own unique visual expression. This fun and light-spirited class will initiate you into looking inward for visual, self-expression and is for anyone regardless of art background. It would also be a good refresher for a visual journaler who feels like they are in a rut. Techniques to break through blocks to get you moving on your voyage will be covered, as well as different journaling prompts to get you started looking inside for what needs to be expressed.

No art or writing experience necessary–Just a willingness to be open to creative and personal exploration.


The Prepared Journal Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011

This process and project oriented class will teach you a fun, and stress-free way to colorfully transform an ordinary book into a journal or artist’s book. Using the style of a gluebook for a jumping off point, we will create visual and tactile layers with collage, painting and stamping, metamorphosing a book into a finished work of art in itself, or the basis for a visual journal. Many people let their fear of the blank page keep them from journaling. By preparing the book in advance, it is ready whenever you want to journal, with the colorful pages inspiring you to let it all out. The way that we prepare the book will make it easy to use anywhere whether you are traveling or in a coffee shop with just a pen, or at home with all of your supplies. I’ll teach you techniques to meld collaged items to be part of the page and how to layer paints to get a rich, textural surface. I find this whole process very rejuvenating and exciting. Although you may not get your whole book completed in class, you will leave with the knowledge and inspiration to finish up your own.

This is an easy-going workshop for all experience levels! No experience necessary.


Printable Matter Monday, Sept. 26, 2011

Discover the world of experimental printmaking using ordinary & not so ordinary tools! I have honed my repurposing and upcycling skills to come up with an almost endless supply of things to magically turn into unique printing and stamping tools. This is your opportunity not only to see in person and to learn hands-on how to create these tools from things around your house and inexpensive items, but also how to put the skills to use. Learn to use various monoprinting methods, including building your own printing blocks to create multiple layered pages through repetition and patterning. After developing the book cover in the same experimental printmaking manner, we’ll alter the book to house our pages in a hinged format, making it a book like you’ve never seen. These techniques and tools can be used as backgrounds that are a spring board to take your artwork to the next level. When finished, your Printable Matter will be a unique printed book that is a work of art in itself, the groundwork for an artist book or visual journal, or a valuable reference book for future printmaking projects. To make it easier for you, there is a $5 materials fee to cover the special materials and other items used in class to create the stamps.

This workshop is for all experience levels! No experience necessary.

Sign up for any of my workshops here. And don’t forget, use the coupon code JULY4 on Monday, July 4th to get $50 off your full registration. This offer is only good July 4th, so sign up before you go to shoot off fireworks!

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