Rubber Stamp Mounting Tutorial

Because I often get questions on how to mount the rubber stamps that I sell, I decided to make a video tutorial showing how to mount alphabets on wooden blocks. I think some people are intimidated to mount their own rubber stamps, and I wanted to show just how easy it is, especially if you have the right materials.



Octynaz rubber stamps mounted

The alphabet that I mounted is a lovely, grungy one called Octynaz. They are about 7/8″ tall, so they fit nicely on 1″ wooden blocks. To mount them, I also used a 5-1/2″ x 9″ sheet of double-stick cushion. I’ve got a wide variety of original rubber stamps, and the supplies for mounting them in my shop. You can also find them in my etsy shop. Now, mount your rubber stamps! You’ll use them much more if you do.

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  1. Hi Traci, Thanx again for this video. I can refer back to it, when I get the braves and get busy with mine. The bag was just on an end cap of one of those individual display racks, that had wooden signs and boxes and such with the same white washed out look. They were back almost to the art supplies on the left. Hope you find one.

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