Printed Fruit: Quick Journal Backgrounds

Printed fruit


This tutorial shows you how to quickly create a background in your art journal using fruit! Vegetables can also be used.


fruit printing


Simply cut your fruit or vegetable of choice in half–I used an orange–apply paint to it with a sponge brush, then stamp away!


Here’s a short video showing the process.

(If you can’t see this video, you can watch it here on YouTube.)


orange print background

orange print close-up

Now, my spread is ready for journaling. If I feel areas are too dark for writing when I get to that point, I can apply a thin layer of white or a lighter color of paint to those areas. Or, simply use a white pen.

For tons more info on art journaling and making your own printing and stamping tools, check out my books The Art Journal Workshop and Print & Stamp Lab.

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  1. I stamped this right after I cut the fruit. I used a paper towel to dry it off a bit and then added my paint (I used an acrylic glaze). The image didn’t turn out as definitive as yours, but it was still beautiful! It made a great background for my nieces 18th B-day card. Thank you!

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