Much Needed Artist Date

Even though I’m a self-employed artist, I’ve been doing everything BUT make art lately. I’ve been busy finishing up the kid’s book I wrote, working on switching my online shop to a different shopping cart system, but most of all, working like a maniac editing knitting patterns for Knitter’s Magazine.

Finally, I was able to take a breathe, and yesterday I went on a much needed artist date. We have been having a very mild winter compared to the last two, and the weather yesterday was lovely. So I grabbed some film-cameras, my iPod touch, & Ruby, and we went on a long photo walk.

All of the photos here were taken with my iPod Touch. The above photo was taken using the TtV Photo Studio app.


Even though we were on foot, I wanted to go somewhere a little different than our usual walking route. I’ve photographed all of that way too much and wanted new material, so to speak. But we still stayed in my area.

Lawrence, KS, where I live, used to have a brick factory many years ago. And we still have some brick streets and sidewalks. While on our walk, I noticed a different pattern on the bricks than I have seen before–sunflowers! Very appropriate since Kansas is the sunflower state. Each brick had two flowers; one had an S in the center, and the other had a B. I’m not sure what it stood for, but more than likely they were the initials of the brick plant.


The time of day wasn’t great for shooting, because it was around lunch time. When I took this photo, I knew it wasn’t going to look hat great. But, I thought perhaps when I got home, I could fix it up using some of the other photo apps I have on my iPod Touch.

I have never really gotten into digitally altering photos on the computer. I’d rather take a good shot, and then use it as is, or alter it when I used it in my artwork. But, with photo apps, it’s a different story. It’s so easy & fast to open up a photo in a photo app, apply some different filters to it, and save the different versions.

Once I got home, I played with the photos in Magic Hour and ScratchCam. There are different filters to give photos an aged look. You can vary the color, background & borders, and even add scratches. Here’s my tutorial on using Magic Hour. The above two photos look so much better than the flat original. Here are some more I liked.

The first one was taken with the Hipstamatic app. It was fine, but I wanted to make it even better. So I played with it in ScratchCam.

My favorite is this black and white one that looks like it has staples at the top. Now I’ve got some new images! Soon, when I get my shop converted to my new shopping cart system, I’ll have prints of my photos available for sale. In the meantime, I’m excited to create some mixed-media pieces with them for the upcoming Final Friday Gallery Crawl that I’m participating in. It’s this coming Friday! I always seem to get inspired right before deadlines.

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  1. Traci, I love your blog today! I had a weekend that felt like I didn’t get any art done at all. Sunday night came and I felt like I was still racing against the clock before the Monday morning grind started again. I love your “artist date” and it’s great that you took advantage of the mild winter. I am inspired to go for a walk and snap some photos. I don’t have an iphone but oh well. I might use my daughters cheap-y vivitar camera that she got for christmas and see what I come up with! Thanks for the inspiration!

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