New Work in need of Titles!

Tomorrow is the Final Friday gallery crawl in my town, so I’ve been getting some new work ready to show. I have five new pieces that I’m really excited about. But I’m stumped on titles.

I did a quick internet search, and found this great blog post by Lisa Pressman about naming artwork. And of course, the ArtBiz blog has all kinds of information, such as why you should name your artwork, and just about any other info an artist might want.

Want to help me brainstorm some awesome titles? All of these pieces are 12″ x 12″. Three are canvas, and two are plywood.


I think I’ll call this “Richard’s Poppies” because the photo was taken at an old boyfriend’s place, and his name is, well, Richard. I love this photo and have fond memories of his place out in the country. Oh, maybe I should call it “Fond Memories.”


For this one, I’m thinking of “summer Days” or “Lazy Days” but neither of those are really grabbing me. It was taken in Vinland, KS with my holga camera.


I’ve gotten a few suggestions on this already: blooms or dated blooms. Which made me think of “Nostalgic Blooms”. But, I’m still thinking. This one is on plywood.


This is a photo I took in a cemetery, but I don’t want it to be associated with death. I’m thinking about “Prayer to the Universe.” It’s also on plywood.


I took this photo walking the alleys in my neighborhood. This was in someone’s backyard! It’s a little windmill and gas pump. So I’m thinking of calling it “Backyard Windmill” but I’m open to something better.

So there you have it. After Final Friday, and after I have decided on their titles, I’ll get them in my online shop. I haven’t put any of my original artwork up for sale there yet, but I’m hoping to next week!

I’d love to hear your ideas on some catchy, thought-provoking titles. Thanks for you help!

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  1. 1. Frond Farewell (you did say ex.LOL)
    2. Lonely Afternoon or Washing’s Done
    3. Plywood Posies
    4.I like yours
    5.Waiting For Wind
    Thus was fun. Thanking u for letting us play

  2. Hello, what a nice idea!Here is what i suggest:
    1- Poppies’swirls in my memory
    2- About chairs and clothespins
    3- I like “Dated blooms”
    4- “Prayer to the Universe ” is great
    5- Golden light on red windmill

    Looking forward to see what you are going to choose!
    Have a nice day!

  3. #1 Secret Garden – I know it’s cliché but it reminds of a child’s perspective. A Faerie’s Garden.

    #2 Oma’s Shed (Oma means Grandma in German) or Opa’s Shed (Opa Grandpa) reminds me of my great grandparents garden

    #3 Bloomin’

    #4 Cherish or Namaste

    #5 On the Farm

  4. Here we go…

    1) Poppies’ Secret

    2) The Good Life

    3) My Heart’s Bloom

    4) Angel Whispers

    5) Magic Wind

    All of these have a poignant and romantic feel to them, for me, so I went to my heart for the names. 🙂 I hope they all sell! 🙂 🙂

  5. I like Richard’s Poppies. You should definitely keep that one.

    A few ideas for painting #2: Sunday Afternoon, Country Afternoon, Waiting for the Fireflies

    No idea for the blooms.

    Prayer to the Universe is good.

    The Good Old Days, Road Trip, or Praying for Wind

  6. 1. Rememberance. It was ANZAC day here on the 25th when we remember the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have fought for our countries. The 25th was the day that we first landed on Gallipoli in 1915 and poppies are the symbol of the day. If you’d like more information here’s a link:
    2. Summers past
    3. Joy returns
    4. Everlasting love
    5. Windpower wins (I love the juxtaposition of a working windmill and a defunct petrol pump!)

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