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I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since my last post. But I’ve been busy. Really busy. And each day, I told myself “I’ll blog tomorrow for sure.” But it didn’t happen, and as usual, it’s been one thing after another.

I had my open house in my studio on March 24th, which went well. I was proud of myself because I didn’t stay up all night cleaning my studio. I decided that what ever shape it was in by a certain time at night was good enough–that sleep was more important. And I actually got to bed by 1am. (which might sound late, but it’s probably the earliest I’ve gotten to bed before one of my open houses.) The women who came were so fun–some returning customers and some new ones– and they all went home with various goodies. I’m always appreciative of the people who come to my open houses and support me. Thank you!

Right after my open house, I had to finalize my online workshop for 21 Secrets, and get it all ready on the website. It’s live! Have you signed up?

Then the next weekend was my journaling workshop in my studio. It was a small class, so I got to journal with them. It was a really great group of people and the workshop went well. I think everyone went home happy with their experience.

Then a few days later, I had to have my sewer line cleaned out. I have to have it done usually every year because of the tree roots getting into the sewer line. But I dealt with it at the first signs of a problem, and moved on!



But I didn’t get to move very far. The next night my cat Goliath went out for about 10 minutes in the storm we were having. And when he came back in, I saw something was wrong. The top of his head was shredded and his ears were badly cut. He had been attacked by something and it looked pretty bad. So the next morning I took him to the vet and had to leave him for the day. He had to get his head shaved so they could see the extent of the damages, and he had to get both of his ears stitched up inside and out. The vet said a cat didn’t do this to him–it might have been a raccoon. He had to stay inside for almost 2 weeks until he got the stitches out yesterday, which meant the pet door had to be shut. Which meant my dog Ruby couldn’t go in and out as she pleased. Which meant not only was Goliath not feeling well and mad because he couldn’t go outside, but so was she.

On Easter day, I decided to be extravagant, and I took half the day off. WHEEE! I went to see the Hunger Games with friends in the late afternoon, and then went back to work when it was over. Very good movie! I haven’t read the books, but now I want to. Easter weekend was the only weekend for awhile without an event for me. It was nice to have a tiny break.


A panoramic shot of part of my booth. Click on it to see it bigger.

This past weekend, I was a vendor at a knitting show, Knitting in the Heartland. It was a small show, and from a vendor standpoint, very slow. But, there were some great things to come out of it. I always try to find positive things at events where I don’t do as well as I had hoped–and this one had several. I got to see my pal from college. He came to the show to see me, and he bought some yarn for his girlfriend. I got to talk to some fiber friends I hadn’t seen for awhile. A shop owner from Parkville, MO bought a bunch of my hand-dyed yarn and is going to carry it in her shop, Florilegium. YAY! And, here’s the freakiest good thing. A woman who came to the show to take some classes, recognized my last name and asked me where my family was from. Long story short, her parents were good friends with my father’s parents in Sioux Falls, SD and she now lives in Iowa. What are the chances of that? So I got her contact info, and I’m passing it along to an aunt and uncle who were childhood friends with her and her family. Also, packing my Jeep and trailer gave me an idea as to whether I could fit everything in it for when I travel to vend at the Estes Park Wool Market. I’m thinking this year of taking my jeep & trailer instead of renting a van. So yeah, you can always find something positive and I had quite a few.


The first day of the knitting show, I didn’t have a knitting project to work on while I was hanging out in my booth. So Saturday night, I planned one out, and I started on it Sunday. I’m making a shrug, and will have the pattern available after I finish. I’m loving how it looks so far. I’m half way done.


Please come back tomorrow. I’m participating in a stencil blog hop, so I’ll have something fun to show you!

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    • Thanks Gloria, I was pretty worried about Goliath, and for several days after it happened, he obviously didn’t feel well. Luckily I had pain medicine for him. He seems to be fine now, but his head will always look like that since it’s all scarred & hair won’t grow on it. Once the hair that is there grows a little longer, it won’t be as noticeable. I’m just glad he’s ok and hope whatever did that to him won’t come back.

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