Considering all of the pet trauma I’ve been going through, I thought it would be a good time to do a journal page on gratitude. - Gratitude 07.22.12a

I did it this weekend. It felt good to work in my journal, and to think about all of the things I have to be grateful for–including the wonderful 11 years I had with Goliath. Even if I never see him again, I’m thankful for all of the years we had together.

And if Shelby decides she’s tired of her body and it’s time to move on, I’m very grateful for the 19 (or is it 20?) years we have had together also. My dog Sophie (who moved on 5 years ago) found Shelby. We were at Clinton Lake for the afternoon, and Sophie found this tiny, terrified little kitten hiding in a bush. Someone had obviously dumped her. We took her home and have been loving her since.

And through the heaviness the past few weeks, I’m grateful for this fluffy bundle of energy who has come into my life. I still haven’t decided between naming her Pippa or Clover. I’m not sure why I can’t just make up my mind.

And of course, I’m extremely grateful for the kind souls who have purchased things from my shop and helped out with my chip in. I’ve reached 85% of my goal, which is amazing. It’s definitely going to help out financially with what I have spent trying to find Goliath, and also for Shelby’s vet bills. She is still hospitalized, and I’m not sure how much it is all going to cost. In a way, it doesn’t matter because I’d do it anyway to help her feel better & to help me decide whether she’s still happy being here or if she’s ready to move on.

On this journal page, everything I did, other than the writing and the alphabet stamping, was done with Derwent Artbars, Inktense Blocks & Inktense Pencils. I’m really enjoying using them, and figuring out how they work best with my way of working. The very top of the page is a rubbing I did with an ArtBar and one of my henna diamond banner stencils. I love that the rubbing turned out so bold. Oh, I used my Duality alphabet stamps for the stamped letters.

I’ve been visiting Shelby in the hospital, and I’m hoping she’ll get to come home today. But more than likely, she’ll need to stay longer. On a side note, I discovered that almost every single flyer I put up on telephone poles to help find Goliath (and I put up a LOT), has been taken down. Someone told me the city goes around and does that. Even though I understand, I was so upset. It made me feel like the search is over.

On yet an even different side note, tonight I’ll be showing my work for Final Friday with the Lawrence Art Party. I have some new pieces I’m excited about–photo transfers onto stretched canvas that turned out super cool. I’ll post photos of them soon. If you are in the area, please come and check out Final Friday. There are a lot of great artists to see, all in one place. And, we have live music & libations.

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  1. Still thinking of you every single day. This post made me cry. Love the pages you’ve done, don’t get me wrong, it was the post itself that made me cry…

    So… you’re really nearing that point where you consider the search over… it’s heartbreaking. The city taking flyers down, that aspect of it makes me even madder and sadder! I’m so sorry, I can’t explain why this means so much to me, it just DOES. I’ll probably feel bad afterwards for telling you not to give up, after all I’ve read your post, and understand and respect your decisions… but here I go: please do not give up. Please.

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