Shelby is in the Hospital

Shelby was doing a little better since I brought her home from the vet on Friday. But by Monday, it seemed like she should be doing better than she was. She was eating, but very tiny amounts that didn’t seem to be enough. She could walk, but not well, and was very wobbly. Even so, some how when I wasn’t watching, she would make it outside, or into the bathtub for some reason. I decided on Monday I better take her back to the vet. - visiting Shelby in the hospital.


She lost more weight and was down to 4.5 lbs. We decided to do some blood work because the vet thought that perhaps her potassium level might be low, causing the wobbliness. The test showed the vet’s guess was correct, along with some other things that were low. - Shelby in the hospital.jpg


So, she needed to be hospitalized again to get IV fluids along with potassium and some other stuff. I was sad to leave her, but knew this treatment would either give her the boost she needed to get better, or if it didn’t, that would be telling as well.I went to visit her Wednesday. It was good to see her, but she looked so sad. The vet said that with old pets, it’s upsetting for them to be away from home, so they often don’t seem any better while they are hospitalized even though the treatment might be helping. Hopefully I can take her home Thursday and we’ll take it from there.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has sent me e-mails and left comments of support. And I also want to thank those of you who have donated to my chip in, to help offset the expenses from trying to find Goliath, and now for Shelby’s vet bills. Everyone’s generosity is so appreciated and heartwarming.

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  1. Oh, Traci! I’m with you… thinking of you sooo much… I’m kinda bad with words today, sorry. (Having a very bad week myself…) You keep your head up now!

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