30 Days of Get Your At On – 10.28.12

Between dealing with website/web host issues and being busy, I haven’t had a chance to post, although I have been doing artwork (or at least something creative), every day.

Friday, I finished getting my new pieces varnished, put the hardware on them for hanging, then hung them up for Final Friday.


Here is my work, along with a few other artists’ work, at the Blue Dot Salon.



Considering how cold it was, there was a pretty good turn out.




Then I went to the Lawrence Art Party, where I’ve shown my work for Final Friday in the past, to visit some friends who were showing their work.



This is Nick Schmiedeler’s work. He does very cool yard art & other sculptural pieces–some functional, some just super cool. They all move or have moving parts and are extremely creative and interesting. His yard has a lot of his work in it, complete with sculptural fences.



HGTV is starting a new series called “Home Strange Home,” and his house will be featured in one of the episodes! I wish I got HGTV so I could see it.

Saturday was spent finishing my Halloween costume for a party I was going to that night. I was going as a Succubus, and had to finish the wings and make the horns.

I made the horns using Paperclay, and glued them onto a headband. I got so lucky with the wings. I went to Michaels to get supplies to try to make them (from scratch), and saw a bat Halloween decoration with awesome wings. So I used my 40% off coupon to buy the bat. I carefully removed his wings from his styrofoam body, then glued them to a thick piece of craft foam. I strung elastic through the sides of the foam for straps to wear the wings.



Here I am at the party . . . My wings were AWESOME if I do say so myself.



Today, for getting my art on, I arted up the inside front cover of my new journal. I knew if I didn’t do it before I started using the journal, it wouldn’t get done. Now I need to do the inside back cover.

Only 2 more days left in 30 Days of Get Your Art On. I hope everyone is still making art of some sort every day.

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