Fall 2013 Studio Tour

TraciBunkers.com - studio tour 2013

Today is my turn for the Sketchbook Challenge Blog hop! The theme is “Houses and Hideaways.” There have been some great posts already from the other members. Here’s mine, so hop on over there and check it out.

Along with that theme, I thought it would be a great time to create a new studio tour. Especially since my studio is fairly clean from my recent open house.

(Click here if you are having trouble seeing the video.)

Hope you enjoyed it! It’s almost as good as being here. (Almost.)

Many of the things seen in the video are in my online shop.

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  1. Traci,
    Your studio speaks to me. Then I viewed your tutorials. I’m inspired & excited to do everything, just hop right into it. Thank you very much. I hope those health issues are healing.

  2. Absolutely loved your studio. I could get lost in your studio and it would be ok since I would be in heaven.
    Prayers for you on your health.

  3. You are truly an inspiration to me as I study your art space and all the colors and fabric!! I also had basil cell cancer on my face above the eyebrow and I get the stitches out today. So, we continue to have a lot in common as I also treasure my art room as my sanctuary!! I can sense your happiness in all your blogs…it comes through with happy energy. Thank you for sharing your life and art! I am a big fan of yours!!

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