Studio Open House

I’m having an open house in my studio this Saturday! And I’m getting all kinds of great stuff ready for it. - Studio Open House & Sale

Studio Open House & Sale
September 14th from 1-4pm at 1313 Elmwood St, Lawrence, KS 66044.
I’ve got lots of of lovely hand-dyed spinning fibers & yarns, henna stencils, rubber stamps, photos, artwork, and more!

I recently installed a DIY copper pipe picture rail system to hang my artwork in my studio! I’m really happy about that, because it’s nicer to display it than to store it. And it means you’ll be able to see it.

I’ve also been dyeing up different textured silks for blending, and carding luscious art batts with lots of color & texture. Right now, I’ve got an abundance of yarn dyed up–so much there isn’t room to display all of it (yet). Since the weather is supposed to be lovely, I might put some of it outside. I’m also trying to clear out some clutter in my house and my studio. So I’ll also have some equipment and things for sale and on clearance. So don’t miss it!

My arthouse is in the backyard. From the front of my house, go through the gate and across the side porch on the south side of my house. Hope to see you here!

If you are unable to stop by, check out my online shop. I’m still in the process of getting my spinning fibers & yarns in my online shop. But I do have a lot of my mixed-media supplies and my artwork in my shop already. So keep checking!

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  1. If I didn’t have to cross 4 state lines, I would totally come. I hope you’re feeling better! I look forward to seeing picture of the rail system 🙂 I put one up not long ago above my desk, although it’s on a smaller scale to hang prints and photos from. I used the Dignitet cable system from IKEA and have been loving it so far. Would be great for displaying postcard art too!

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