Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had nice holidays. I was glad to say goodbye to 2013 and I am happy to start a new year.

I started off the year by taking it easy today. I did some knitting on a project I started about 10 years ago! A cat bed that I had forgotten about. While I was knitting, I watched a movie, Beautiful Losers–about a group of artists from the street art culture and how they grew and influenced us. It was very interesting.

beautiful losers

I also made a pizza with a gluten-free crust-which was very tasty. Then, I trekked out to my studio in the snow and worked in my journal. Here’s what I did.

I had a great day! So far, the year is off to an excellent start! I hope your is too.

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  1. Traci…happy new year…love your post …I have followed you for a long time and am really sorry you have had such a rough time. 2013 was crap for me as well. Glad to see the back of it. I have your book and find you a real inspiration,pushing on through in adversity with the curve balls live throws us. I hope 2014 brings you joy and happiness. Rock on with the great work…I am watching you from very afar!! Uk!!xxx

    • Jain, thanks for the nice comments. It seems it was a rough year for many people. So everyone I know is very happy to start a new year! I always try to see the good side and gifts from trying times, but sometimes it sure is hard. But yes, you’ve got to keep on keeping on!

  2. Hi Traci.
    Just wondered if you can share some tips sometime re creative block, when you want to do a page related to, say, “Depression” but you just get to a stuck place where you can’t work out ways to fill your page and express it all.
    Kind regards,

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