Heaps Of Layered Hand Printed Cards Workshop is LIVE!

TraciBunkers.com - printed cards finished

Good news! My new online workshop, Heaps of Layered Handprinted Cards, is live and ready for you to sign up! This is much more than just a card making workshop! Along with some printing techniques, you’ll learn how to make several stamps including a background stamp, as well as how to make your own envelopes. And of course, through my fun process you’ll end up with heaps of layered cards, that are all unique without making each one separately. And you’ll have printed collage material to use in your artwork. Check out the video for it.


Heaps Of Layered Hand Printed Cards Online Workshop from Traci Bunkers on Vimeo.

If you have trouble viewing the video, you can see it here.

It’s held on my site, in a members-only section. Once you register, you have access for life and can work at your own pace. It’s done through 90 minutes of videos, split up into 9 lessons. Any questions that you have during the workshop can be asked in the lessons, and I’m happy to help you. I’ve also set up a closed facebook group for the workshop where you can post any photos of what you made in the workshop, and connect with other students.

TraciBunkers.com - printed cards stamped

The workshop is on sale for $35 right now, until February 15, 2015. Then it goes up to $40. Click here to sign up.

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    • Hi Jessica,
      Thanks! The access is “forever”! So you can do it whenever you want. And although I used a heart theme with the cards I made in the videos, you can of course use any theme/graphic/motif you want. So it’s a great class for any time of year.

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