Bonkers Fiber & Yarn Clubs

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Bonkers Fiber & Yarn Clubs

I’ve got good news for you fiber & yarn people. I’ve decided to start quarterly Bonkers Fiber & Yarn Clubs! For 3 months you’ll get lovely hand-dyed spinning fiber or yarn sent to you at the end of each month, depending on which club you sign up for. Or, you can sign up for both clubs to receive both fiber and yarn.

The fiber & yarn in each quarter will be a surprise! There will be a variety of fiber content for the fiber club, and a variety of weight, fiber content & skein size for the yarn club, and no combination of color and yarn will be repeated. That means no matter how long you continue your subscription as a club member, each month you’ll get something new and always have something to look forward to.

Club fiber and yarn will be either a new color and/or a new fiber/yarn that is only available to club members and is not part of my normal line at that time. Members can purchase more while supplies last and if there is any left, it will be available to the public 6 months after it was originally offered.

The fiber will mainly be ready-to-spin rovings of different types of wool and fibers blends that might include mohair, silk, rayon, bamboo, nylon, and stelina. The fiber content of the yarns will range from plant-based to animal fibers to blends with synthetics. That also means some will be hand wash and some will be superwash (or machine washable). I pride myself on quality and promise you they’ll never be gaudy synthetics and never be harsh or scratchy.

The retail value of the total fiber and total yarn, and perhaps other included surprise goodies, will at least equal or exceed the cost of the club! You’ll receive 4 oz of most fibers and around 3.5-4 oz of most yarns. But there might be a rare chance of me getting my hands on something super special that costs more. And in that case, the weight of the fiber or skein size might be smaller.

I will dye up a set quantity of fiber and yarn for each month, and when it’s gone, it’s gone with no guarantee that later it’ll be part of my normal line. So if you want to be sure to get more, sign up for a double, which means you’ll get double the amount of everything (double fiber and double yarn). If you like to live on the edge, sign up for a single (single fiber and single yarn) and hope there’s some left if you want more.

Click here to choose the Bonkers Fiber Club, Yarn Club or both, and you’ll receive your first yarn or fiber shipment at the end of this month!

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