Artists for 30 Days of Capturing Joy – 9.13 - 30 days capturing joy

Please browse through the comments to see who is participating. Show your support by visiting their blog or web site to see what they have been creating during their 30 Days of Capturing Joy.

If you are a participating artist and want to be listed, simply leave a comment with your name and link to where you have your art that you are creating, whether it’s a blog, web site, or flickr, etc. If you are sharing your photos on instagram, twitter, or anywhere that uses a hashtag or tag, use #30daysofcapturingjoy (with or without the #, depending on where you are posting). That will make it easy for people to find them.

Please add my badge to your website or blog to help spread the joy! Just copy the code from under the badge here or in the right sidebar of my blog. - 30 Days of Capturing Joy


(Note:┬áthis page is just to list who is participating. Please don’t leave other comments. If you have an observation, or want to say something about this project, please post the comments on one of my blog posts for this project.)


    • Christina, I’m glad you are joining in! This page is to list the artists who are participating along with their link to where they’ll be posting their images. So edit your message and add your link to where you’ll be posting! Let me know if you need help.

    • Sherry, add yourself by editing your comment and add the link to your blog or where ever you’ll be posting your photos. Let me know if you need help! If you do, give me the link and I’ll edit it for you. Glad you are joining in!

  1. This is so what I need, and I’m going to give it a try. I too am having health issues, and I saw an article in Art Journaling you did and thought – I need to get real about how that is related to my life! So I got my camera out, but … So this feels like several strands coming together.

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