Artists for 30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.12 - 30 days get your art on

Please browse through the comments to see who is participating. Show your support by visiting their blog or web site to see what they have been creating during their 30 Days of Get Your Art On.

If you are a participating artist and want to be listed, simply leave a comment with your name and link to where you have your art that you are creating, whether it’s a blog, web site, or flickr. Thanks!

(Note: this page is just to list who is participating. Please don’t leave other comments. If you have an observation, or want to say something about this project, please post the comments on one of my blog posts for this project.)


  1. Hi Traci Great idea. I am going to do it and post it on my blog. Also in November its National Book writing month but instead of writing a book which I did last year i am going to write a post every day with accomp[anying photgraphs about creativity on my blog.
    I agree it’s best not to leave art maiing until the ensd of the day . It’s easy to get caught up with all the other jobs you have to do like houswork and tax and marketing.
    I also agree that I get quite grumpy and depressed if I don’t do art on a regular basis.
    Thanks so much for the inspitation Traci.
    Cheers Janet Keen from New Zealand.

  2. I’m up for the challenge. I like your rules. I’ll add the badge to my website and spread the word. Will post my output on flickr and some of it on my blog (don’t want to pressure myself with promise to blog daily. This will be FUN! thanks

  3. Now this is synchronous and so yes, I’m in. Only yesterday, I created a mini art card with your name in the centre and the things you do that have inspired me; stamping, copics, block letters… I should of of course added Get Your Art On lol !

  4. I’m going to give this a go. I have two small children and fitting art into my day is a challenge. I’ve been setting a timer for 15 minutes and just creating every day. Participating in this should help me keep the momentum going! (At least I hope it does)

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