30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.29.13

Today I wanted to play some more with drawing on my [amazon_link id=”B0047DVWLW” target=”_blank” ]ipad[/amazon_link]. I think I might need a different stylus. I was having a little trouble with mine. It’s an inexpensive generic one, and it was skipping at times. I’m not sure if this is common. Here’s a quick self-portrait I did […]

30 Days of Get Your At On – 10.28.12

Between dealing with website/web host issues and being busy, I haven’t had a chance to post, although I have been doing artwork (or at least something creative), every day. Friday, I finished getting my new pieces varnished, put the hardware on them for hanging, then hung them up for Final Friday. Here is my work, […]


30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.21.12

Tonight I went to Sketch Tease. It’s like life drawing, only the models are burlesque performers, and there’s music and snacks (and beer) and you can take pictures. It’s similar to Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school.   The models tonight were Sarah Kunen (with the pink hair) and Bel Ruby. I ended up not staying very long […]