- Gratitude 07.22.12a


Considering all of the pet trauma I’ve been going through, I thought it would be a good time to do a journal page on gratitude. I did it this weekend. It felt good to work in my journal, and to think about all of the things I have to be grateful for–including the wonderful 11 […]

A Journaling Page from my Journaling Workshop

I’ve missed blogging since my 30 Days of Journaling! Unfortunately, I haven’t had time (or now I guess I should say I haven’t made time) to work in my journal other than the journaling workshop I taught in my studio the first weekend of April. I took the above photo during the workshop. It’s actually […]

Some Journal Pages

The buttons stamped around are one of the stamps you can make in my book “Print & Stamp Lab”. I took of the photos with my beloved iPod Touch! The text “I’m not making much progress . . . ” was stamped using my Duality Alphabet Stamps. All of the writing is about things I […]

Gratitude Journal Page & Pogo Transfers

I did this journal page the other night, on Gratitude. I felt I was needing to do a page on gratitude, and with Thanksgiving the day before, it seemed appropriate. This has a lot of things going on. I used gesso, acrylic paint, 2 packing tape transfers, a stencil (in the background, by The Crafter’s […]

Thanksgiving Sale!

I decided to have a Thanksgiving Sale on all of my zines, Everyday Pages Journals, and Postcards of my Journal Pages. The sale is for 20% off those items, and ends at midnight Sunday. The sale prices are good both on my web site and my etsy shop. If there is an item you want […]

Call to Action! (#2)

I hadn’t worked in my journal for awhile, and have been in a funk, partly because of the dreary weather, and also because of other things. So I decided it was time to work in my journal and do a gratitude list, which I try to do on a regular basis. I truly believe you […]