Disclosure Policy

I like making art, taking pictures, sewing, journaling, knitting and spinning. I like art supplies, funky cameras, fiber, yarn, books, and other creative things. I like talking about them. And I like sharing them and my life with you here, on my blog. So here’s the thing, I sometimes make money from my blog through some of the content and links that I share.

I am an affiliate for several places, which means I might make a small percentage of any sales on that website when you click on the links from my blog or newsletter. There are also times that I don’t make anything when you click on my links, either because they aren’t affiliate links, or too much time has elapsed from when you click on the link to when you make a purchase (usually after 24 hours), or many other reasons.

Sometimes companies send me art supplies, books or other things to try out, use, get my opinion, and perhaps review on my blog. The occasional swag and whether or not I can use an affiliate link, don’t influence what I write on my blog, or what I say about the products, supplies or equipment. Please know that as an artist myself, I would only recommend something that I personally like or think is helpful, no matter whether or not there is any compensation.

It’s important for you to also know that when you click on any of my affiliate links, it doesn’t cost you anymore to buy the item(s) than if they weren’t affiliate links. So using my links is a small way of thanking me for the information, inspiration, and time I’ve spent writing the posts, sharing with you, and maintaing my site.

I’m an open person and I wanted to be clear about this. Plus, the Federal Trade Commission pretty much requires it. Here is the FTC Ruling for Bloggers.

I currently have relationships with the following companies:
BLICK Art Materials
Alyson Stanfield of ArtBiz
En*theos Academy

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