Art Batts

Art Batts

Traci - mulligan stew art batts

Mulligan Stew Art Batts are textured spinning fiber batts that can be spun into textured yarn. I call them mulligan stew because they are made up of a little bit of this and a whole lot of that!

I create them by layering a combination of different hand-dyed fibers, both natural and synthetic, on my drum carder to create a nicely textured and colorful batt. When spun up, you’ll end up with a novelty yarn without having to do anything fancy to make it happen. Some of the fibers I use are merino, superwash merino, tencel, silk, bamboo, nylon, angelina, silk noil, acrylic, camel, alpaca, mohair, milk, cotton, and what ever else tickles my fancy at the time. Each batt is one of a kind, and will have various fibers in it.

After spinning it, use it as a single, ply it on itself, ply it with another fiber, or ply it with another art batt that you have spun up! I think these look best, showing off the different colors and textures, if they aren’t spun too finely.

I will spin this for you into a 2-ply yarn. Contact me me for details.