Original Artwork

Original Artwork

    • An Open invitation


      The photograph in the center is my neighbor's chair. It always seems to be beckoning me to come over and take a seat. The distressed, layered background of this piece nicely compliments the weathered, vintage chair. 8" x 6"

    • Autumnal Vision


      Fall is a beautiful time to photograph the changing leaves. This is a double exposure combining a Fall tree with a mausoleum gate. The double exposure gives it a very dreamy feel. 12" x 12"

    • Bessie's Sweet Memories


      I took the photograph with my plastic Holga camera in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. The special effect was created while taking the picture. I titled this piece "Bessie's Sweet Memories" because Bessie Clancy was handwritten on the sheet music "Sweet Memories" that I collaged as part of the background. 8" x 10"

    • Distraction


      Shortly after I started this piece mid June 2012, my beloved cat, Goliath, disappeared. The painting changed focus and became about him. The piece is titled "Distraction" because I felt everything I did, other than trying to find him, was just a distraction for me until we were reunited. I searched extensively and exhaustively for him, but he was never found.

    • Isabelle Dreaming


      I did the original drawing for this at a drawing session in Albuquerque while I was on vacation. Later, I enlarged the drawing and created the mixed-media piece, reworking the drawing to become part of the painting. Before I added the writing to it, I knew it needed something more, but had to sit with it for almost a year before I figured it out. 16" x 20"

    • Open to the Unknown


      The large image in the center is a double-exposure self-portrait photograph. When I started creating this piece for an art show that I was having, the piece was about fear about my life as an artist, my artwork, and this piece in particular. I became ill while I was working on it and getting ready for the show. Days after the show opened, I found out that I have a large arachnoid cyst on my brain. This piece then took on a greater meaning with fear about my health and future. Perhaps my body subconsciously knew what I was about to find out. 30" x 24"

    • Prayer to the Universe


      In this piece, my photograph of a cemetery statue started as the background. I collaged, stenciled, painted and stamped around the image to create a visual frame. 12" x 12"

    • Reconciled Peace


      The rustic chair in my neighborhood, that I often pass on my walks, was just begging for me to photograph it. When I clipped "For in this solitude she had won to a reconciled peace," from an old book, I knew it belonged with this chair. 8" x 6"

    • Remembered


      The picture is part of a mausoleum gate in the cemetery across from my house. I find the ironwork on it very beautiful. This is the family mausoleum of John P. Usher, who was President Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of Interior. 12" x 12"

    • Richard's Poppies


      A love of my past lived in the country in Baldwin City, Kansas. He had a lovely field of poppies near his house that I loved to photograph. The photo in this piece was taken with a Holga camera. 12" x 12"