Silk ‘n Merino

Silk 'n Merino - Hand-dyed Silk \'n Merino Spinning Fiber

This spinning fiber is a super soft and luscious blend of 80% Merino/20% Tussah Silk. It spins into a soft and lofty yarn because of the merino, and the silk gives it a nice sheen. Because it’s 80% merino, a beginner shouldn’t have any problems spinning it. Works great for spinning, felting or knitting with it unspun as roving, and is available in many rich colors.

I’ve made a tutorial for knitting with this unspun as roving!

(Note: I do my best to make sure the color looks accurate. But, everyone’s monitor is different, so the color might look different in real life than it does on your computer. Hand-dyed colors vary from batch to batch, so please be sure to buy enough for your project.)