Sock Blanks

Sock Blanks - hand-dyed sock blanks

A sock blank is a long knitted fabric that looks like a scarf. You unravel it as you go, to make whatever you’d like using the yarn–it can be used for more than just socks! The yarn will be a little kinky, but that will go away after your finished project is washed. If preferred, you can unravel the sock blank into a skein of yarn, then wash it before using. But then you’ll need to wind it into a ball before working with it.

My sock blanks are hand-dyed by me, and are single-stranded. That means if you make a pair of socks from one sock blank, they probably won’t match, depending on how I’ve dyed the blank. Let your hair down and take a walk on the wild side! But if you really want matching socks, I dye the blanks in pairs and you can buy both (unless someone already bought one of them). 1 sock blank is enough for 1 pair of socks. So if you buy 2 blanks that I dyed together, you can make 2 matching pairs. Keep in mind that whatever you make from the sock blank will look different than the color pattern on the dyed sock blank.

Although I dye most of these using my repeatable colorways, they will be different each time depending on how I’ve dyed them.

What are the advantages of working from a sock blank?

  • You can work directly from it without having to wind it into a ball first.
  • If you drop it, it won’t roll across the floor.
  • Cats won’t mistake it for a toy.
  • It can be dyed to have longer color sections and gradations than a skein of yarn.
  • It’s fun to work from one and there’s a bit of mystery to what your finished project will look like.
  • You can throw it over your shoulder as you work from it, which is great if you’re standing or don’t have a place to set a ball of yarn.

To start working with one, just unravel a little and go! If you pull an end but it doesn’t unravel, it means you’re starting from the wrong end of the sock blank. Try pulling the yarn tail from the other end. I have sock blanks in 2 different yarns:

Scintillation Sock Blanks (75% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon/5% Stellina; 3.5 oz; 430 yds)
Superwash Merino ‘n Nylon Sock Blanks (75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon; 3.5 oz; 460 yds)