- 07.22.12b self-care journal page

Time to Get Back to Self Care

I actually did this journal page near the end of July, before I had to put my cat Shelby to sleep. Since then, I’ve done some mourning, and been working a lot on a freelance project (whose deadline is today . . .). With everything going on, I have not been taking care of myself […] - Gratitude 07.22.12a


Considering all of the pet trauma I’ve been going through, I thought it would be a good time to do a journal page on gratitude. I did it this weekend. It felt good to work in my journal, and to think about all of the things I have to be grateful for–including the wonderful 11 […] - journal page 06.30.12

Goliath is Missing

My post, after I got back from the Estes Park Wool Market, and got caught up with work from being gone, was going to be about my trip to Estes Park. Instead, it’s a delayed post about my sweet cat Goliath, who is missing.   Last Saturday night, as usual, he went to bed with […]