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30 Days of Get Your Art On – 10.04.12

This morning I decided to work in my journal. I had a head start because I had already done some collage and painted the pages when I was teaching some journaling workshops several weeks ago In Santa Fe, NM. I used my Steelfish alphabet stamps for the larger stamped letters, and Labelmaker for the smaller […] - surprise mail art package-03

Awesome Mail Day

Today started out on the wrong foot. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty depressed over losing both of my cats in one month. And even though I have a new kitten (who I finally named Clover), and then last week got another cat (who I named Pippa) so that she would have a playmate, I […]

Journal Page 03.02.12

I hadn’t actually worked in my journal for quite awhile, so yesterday I decided that’s what I would do for starting off the day with art. Here’s a slightly bigger version. The background might look familiar. I created it when I did the tutorial on printing with fruit! For the bigger text, I stamped with […]