30 days of Capturing Joy 10.02.13

I'm taking a silkscreen printing class, and was having so much fun printing one of my photos of my favorite creepy dolls. When I ran out of my paper to print on, I started grabbing scraps out of the recycling bin, and even printed on my apron. Here's the link to my post about this […]


30 Days of Capturing Joy

I’ve been in a weird space lately, partly because I’ve had even more health issues to deal with (doctors thought I had a hole in my heart and I had surgery on my face to remove basal cell skin cancer). And dealing with those health issues instantly derailed me with my “Use It or Lose […]

TraciBunkers.com - studio tour 2013

Fall 2013 Studio Tour

Today is my turn for the Sketchbook Challenge Blog hop! The theme is “Houses and Hideaways.” There have been some great posts already from the other members. Here’s mine, so hop on over there and check it out. Along with that theme, I thought it would be a great time to create a new studio […]