Life Drawing & an Art Opening

I had a great weekend, that really started with Friday night when I went to Karen Matheis’s art opening. (We we in the same dorm in college!) Not only was it fun to get out and be social and to support my friend, but I also set in motion possibly having my own show! While […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.30.11

Last night, I participated in the Final Friday Gallery Crawl here in Lawrence, KS. It was a smaller attendance than we’ve had the other times, but we expected that might be the case due to the timing with the holidays. We still had a great time, and it was nice to see new faces and […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.29.11

I’m almost done. It’s amazing how long this is taking. Tonight I added color to everything that was doodled, and I spent about an hour and a half on it. I wanted to finish tonight, but I need to get to bed.  It’s after 1am, and tomorrow I’m showing my work at the Final Fridays […]

30 Days of Drawing – 12.19.11

Tonight while listening to my Eric Maisel tele-class, “Your Best Life in the Arts”, I worked more on the drawing I started yesterday. Then later on tonight, I added the color with watercolors. I wished I had a watercolor pencil handy. But as you can see below, I didn’t want to disturb my sweet, old […]