30 Days of Drawing – 12.25.11

12.25.11 sketch

This evening I went over to friends to celebrate Christmas by drinking wine, eating snacks, and hanging out in their hot tub. We spent about 2 hours in the hot tub, outside, looking up at the stars. It was lovely. After we got out, I mentioned I still needed to do my drawing for 30 days of drawing, but maybe I’d let it slide this one night. I even brought my sketchbook with me, along with my bag of pens.

My friend Cathy said “No, you can’t miss a day. Get out your sketchbook, do a quick drawing of our monkey statue, then you can go home.” So that’s what I did. They have this great soft turquoise monkey statue in a reclining position. I used my Pitt Big Brush Artist Pen and did a quickie.

Today I got an e-mail from a reader with a link to this blog about “Speed Creating.” The artist created something creative for 30 days. It’s really interesting, so check it out! I hope even with the holidays, those of you who have joined me on this project are hanging in. You can see the rest of my posts for 30 Days of Drawing here.

I hope everyone had happy holidays!

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