My Clean Studio

I had my Holiday Open House November 10th. And while it’s nice to have people come to my studio and buy things, an added bonus is it forces me to clean my studio! It had gotten pretty messy from me being so busy. I’m not very good about cleaning up after myself because I’m usually too tired by the time I call it a night. Now I have a clean studio to work in again, without having to trip over piles of things!

I put up my winter curtain that covers the door to help keep the drafts out and the heat in. I normally have it up by itself, and have my colorful dreadlocks across the doorway in the summertime. But I thought it would be fun to hang them together to liven up the curtain.

Since my studio is looking so nice, I thought I’d take some pictures to share.

I love my studio. I love working in it, and just being in it. And that feeling is quadrupled when it’s clean & orderly. I’ve got more room to create, and I feel more at peace. And, it made it easier to get ready for the Creative Hand Show, that I was in this past weekend. I’ll show pictures of that in my next post.

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