My Site is Now Mobile Friendly!

I’ve been working hard, doing all kinds of things, and one of them was to give my website a face lift. It is now mobile friendly, and hopefully easier to navigate. YAY! - Clover overdid it on the ipad


This is Clover, the head of my tech support. She wore herself out checking for any problems with my site on her iPad. I think we got most things worked out, but let me know if you have any problems or notice something that isn’t quite right. I’ll do some more tweaking, but I think it’s good to go!

I’m teaching an 8-week visual journaling class at the Lawrence Arts Center starting Monday, March 21st. There are still spots available and it’s not too late to sign up. But don’t wait until the last minute. I’m teaching a different class during the summer, so don’t miss this chance to take it!

The class originally was scheduled for Tuesday nights, but I was (finally) accepted into the Artist INC Live program, and that is on Tuesday night also at the Arts Center. So luckily we were able to switch my journaling class. Artist INC Live is a program to help artist gain business skills to apply to their art practice. This was my 4th year to apply to the program, and I’m so happy that my persistence paid off and I finally made it in! It’s only offered once a year and they only accept 25 artists, so it’s tough to get into. And, this is the first year that the program is being offered in Lawrence (and a few other cities) besides Kansas City. I’m very excited to start this program Tuesday!

Last weekend was the Ceramic Symposium at the Lawrence Arts Center, and I was lucky enough to get to attend. I’ll post some pictures about that very soon. Today I’m working as a volunteer at the NCECA Conference in Kansas City! (NCECA stands for National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts) I’ll try to take some photos to share.

Have a great day! Don’t forget to let Clover know if you have any issues with my website.

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  1. This is fantastic Traci, congratulations! Please tell Clover she’s the most Glamour-Puss tech support I’ ve seen. I’m sure her purring is most soothing to her callers?

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