- Hand-dyed Superwash Sparkle Spinning Fiber

New Sparkle Fiber & Sale!

  I’ve got a yummy brand new spinning fiber, Superwash Sparkle, that is a blend of 84% Superwash Merino and 16% Stellina (sparkle). I’ve spun some up, and it’s very nice to spin! After dyeing the fiber, some of the colors show the sparkle more than others, but that’s pretty typical of Stellina.     […] - cloud interactive installation - 03

Free State Festival

This week in Lawrence, KS is the Free State Festival, which brings together film, art, music, talks, and a lot of other creative goodness, all happening at the same time! I go through periods as an artist where I’m so hungry and can’t get enough of taking in and experiencing art, that I want MORE, MORE MORE! […]

Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”

Just a quick post while I’ve got Amanda Palmer‘s Ted talk on my mind. I’ve watched her talk on The Art of Asking before, and watched it again last night. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth watching. It’s filled with many gems for artists about being shamed and told to get a REAL job, and […] - Clover overdid it on the ipad

My Site is Now Mobile Friendly!

I’ve been working hard, doing all kinds of things, and one of them was to give my website a face lift. It is now mobile friendly, and hopefully easier to navigate. YAY!     This is Clover, the head of my tech support. She wore herself out checking for any problems with my site on […] - Heaps of Layered Hand Printed Cards Online Workshop

Hand Printed Cards Online Workshop Sale!

The older I get, the faster time flies. Valentine’s Day is already this coming Sunday! To help you get in the spirit and have some fun, I’ve put my Heaps of Layered Handprinted Cards Online Workshop on sale. Heaps Of Layered Hand Printed Cards Online Workshop from Traci Bunkers on Vimeo. If you have trouble viewing […] - knitting with roving tutorial

Knitting with Unspun Roving Tutorial

Don’t be sad when you see lovely hand-dyed spinning fiber but you don’t know how to spin! Here’s a tutorial to get you started with how you can knit (or crochet) with it just like yarn, without having to spin it. To be super helpful, I’ve made a video AND taken step-by-step photos showing you […]