My very cute dog, ruby

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Since my blog was non-existent for awhile, I didn’t announce that I adopted a dog the end of October. I was just missing my sweet dogs too much, and decided it was time. She is a little corgie mix, and is hilarious. Sometimes I think she is a person trapped in a dog’s body. She loves laying on my couch, and knows how to adjust the pillows to get them just right.

Who Doesn't love a cat pillow?

Yes, they are laying on an afghan I designed for Knitter’s Magazine a gazillion years ago.

She gets along well with both of my cats. But, she is obsessed with Shelby in particular. Sometimes she won’t leave her alone. They are either loving on each other, or wresting. A week or so ago, Ruby discovered that Shelby’s head will fit in her mouth.

My cats were used to my old dogs, and would snuggle up with them. They aren’t sure what to do with Ruby because she is so energetic. She is about two. I wonder what she was like as a puppy! I am so happy that we found each other. And, I found her online at an animal shelter. When I went to meet her in person, it was love at first sight.

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  1. Aw! She’s so cute!! I used to go to the SPCA every day (I worked nearby) just to look at all the adorable dogs for adoption. My hubby didn’t like it because I wanted to take them all home (: She looks like a real sweetie!

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