A New Use For Stash!

And by stash, I’m talking about paper stash that book arts people, mixed-media artists and art journalists collect: the odd bits and pieces of all kinds of papers to collage or use somehow in their mixed-media work and art journals.

Today when I was packing up some orders, a light bulb went on. I am an avid recycler, and often reuse padded envelopes and boxes to ship my orders. Although I love that I’m reusing something, it often doesn’t look very nice. It looks more like something the cat dragged in.

recycled package

I recently had a workshop in my studio, where I keep a “community stash.” I was hoping to send all of the students home with so much stash that the community stash bin would be empty. But instead, I somehow ended up with more. So I got an idea.


I’d use the stash to cover up and decorate the recycled envelope. So not only would I be reusing something and the package would look nicer, I’d also be using up some stash! I looked through the stash bin until something caught my eye. Then I cut it to fit on the package.

cut stash to fit

After taping down the edges with packing tape, I put on a label! I thought it looked spiffy. I hope the recipient likes it, and reuses everything again too.

stash taped to package
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  1. Great recycling idea Traci! I was one of those people who didn't take any stash with me at your workshop. Guess I was also trying to de-stash! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for a terrific workshop–I had a great time–it helped me specifically to go forward and not always need to have a master plan! I highly recommend your workshops! __ Katie N.

  2. i've done it for years. My grandchildren really love it and whether it's a reused envelope or a big box………it's fun although I sometimes regret in retrospect some of the things I use. You know how it is, I should have, could have, would have used it on a current project. I'm thinking maybe our craft has a hoarding gene in there somewhere.

  3. Traci, I do the same thing!! It kills me to buy new padded envelopes and boxes, so I'm forever covering up the old labels with paper from my stash. I think the UPS guys are used to it by now. 🙂
    See you at JournalFest in October!!!

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