30 Days of Get Your Art On – 09.29.11

art banner-1

Yes, I know. It’s October now. I did get my art on the last 2 days of September to finish off my 30 days, but I was too busy to blog about it. But I did take pictures! (I gotta love how long my short legs look in the above picture. The miracle of shadows.)

Since I was getting ready to show my work with two friends in their studio for the Final Fridays Gallery Crawl here in Lawrence, KS, I wanted to make a banner for us to put outside. I got some canvas fabric, some PVC pipe for the frame, and dyed the fabric Wednesday night. Then Thursday, I started my morning with art by working on the banner.

Nope, I didn’t bother ironing the fabric first. I wanted the wrinkles to add depth when I stenciled the fabric with spray paint. For the first layer, I stenciled lace from a rescued curtain valance using black spray paint.

art banner-2

For the second layer, I used pink spray paint and the non-slip rug backing stuff as the stencil. It makes a nice, small grid. This is one of the things I also used in my article for the August/September issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.

art banner-3

The third layer was construction fencing for the stencil sprayed with red spray paint.

art banner-4

And for the final layer, I used blue spray paint and a plastic paper plate holder for the stencil.

art banner-5

I love how the spray paint isn’t opaque and lets the patterns underneath show through. I finished the banner the next day. For more ideas on using found objects for stenciling, be sure to check out my book Print & Stamp Lab. It’s full of all kinds of great ideas for making your own printing and stamping tools. You can see the rest of my posts for 30 Days of Get Your Art On  here.

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