Moldable Foam Stamps Tutorial

Moldable Foam Stamps Tutorial

This tutorial will give you a little taste of what you can find in my book Print & Stamp Lab, which has 52 different print blocks and stamp tools made from inexpensive, ordinary and unexpected materials!

Moldable Foam

Certain kinds of foam can be heated with an embossing heat tool, then pressed onto a textured surface to create a stamp. To change the design, you can reheat it and press it onto something else. Instead of using foam that is made specifically for this purpose, I have experimented and found other items made out of foam that work! This is a simple & fun way to make your own stamps.



Wanna give it a try? I’ve made it super easy for you by making up kits!
Moldable Foam Stamps Kit

Moldable Foam Stamps Kit

The kit includes:

  • Full-color instructions with photographs
  • foam flip flop (1)
  • foam bath tub letters or numbers (2)
  • foam play mats (2)
  • foam marshmallows (2 small, 1 large)
  • foam shapes (4)

(Note: the colors, letters or numbers, shapes, and printed designs of the foam included in your kit may vary from the photograph)

Materials not included that you will need:

  • miscellaneous items for texture
  • embossing heat tool
  • scissors
  • craft knife with a sharp blade
  • steel ruler
  • cutting mat
  • stamp pad; or paint, paint palette & brayer
  • paper or fabric

You can get the kit here.

I also have the rubber stamp molding mat available that I used in the video, called “Doodle Textures.”

Doodles Texture Sheet

Doodles Texture Sheet

You can get Doodle Textures here.

Print & Stamp Lab
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Please check out my book Print & Stamp Lab for more techniques on making your own alternative printing & stamping tools!

This tutorial is part of the ArtSparks November Tutorial Blog Hop. Be sure to check them all out!

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  1. Tracey!! You rock girl!! great tutorial and I love the touch of make-up you are wearing! you are so beautiful!!!I love your book and have it but I have not let myself play with making the moldable stamps yet- need to change that!! Leave it to you to use the skleey’s legs as forceps!! what a hoooTTT!!!!

  2. This was great! I have the book and love it (there are so many ideas in it that never crossed my mind) but you make it so clear and simple. My kids just grew out of their flip-flops: time to make some holiday cards! Thanks for this, it was really well done and fun.

  3. thanks for the video. Great ideas and cheap materials – love it! I’m just starting to make my own stamps. Haven’t seen a foam marshmallow before – love how it can be used twice! And of course, circles! {:-Deb

  4. I have both your books … and LOVE them! I haven’t gotten through all 52 techniques of the Print and Stamp …YET. Need to get back to it!
    I haven’t seen the marshmallows either … hmmm … time to go hunting!
    Thanks so much for the video!

  5. Hi, Traci–

    Your site and your video tutorials are great! I especially enjoyed the Intervention journal video. You’re truly a master of your craft!

    I hate to admit it, but I hadn’t visited your website for quite some time. But I assure you, from now on I intend to become a much more frequent visitor.

    Keep up the great work! Kudos!


  6. Thanks SO much for this awesome demo! FLIP FLOPS?!? *who’d a thunk it?* I have played with the PenScore foam, but have to order it – flip flops are an ideal alternative (not to mention, so much more affordable)! I have played with foam photo frames from the $1.00 bins at the craft store; and they work great, too!

    p.s. – your book is on my Christmas wish list 😉 *but that seems oh, so long to wait!*

  7. Traci! Your video was fantastic!!! Thank you! I loved the zipper stamp on fabric. You have made my Christmas want list easy – your book is on the top. Thanks again.

  8. Love the tutorial! So far, I have only found small foam counting blocks at my local dollar store but will keep my eyes open for other foam. I made up 50 1 inch square stamps that my 6th grade son is selling at a little school market tomorrow as his own ‘business’!!! They turned out really cool! Kids toys have amazing textures!

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