30 Days of Drawing – 12.01.11

12.01.11 moleskine doodles

Today is day 1 of 30 days of Drawing! I was all excited about it last night. I had planned on getting up, walking the dog, eating, then getting right to the drawing then blogging. It didn’t work out that way. Things kept happening, and to be honest, I was having kind of a bad day. I knew I’d enjoy taking the time to draw, but for whatever reason, I felt resistance to doing it.

I did the above drawings in my little moleskine. On the left, I already had one of the circle things drawn from some other time, and that turned into an eyeball. I just went with it. The other part I did while I was waiting to eat dinner. I drew both of those with a pen I won from Pentel. Some time back, there was a contest on twitter, and I won a pen! I was so happy and excited to win something! It’s an EnerGel® Alloy RT Gel Pen, and writes oh-so-smoothly.  It’s so nice to write and draw with, and it has the feel of a fancy, expensive pen. I haven’t tested the ink yet to see if it’s waterproof or not. But even if it’s not, I’ll still love it all the same.

Then later, after going to the grocery store for food and toilet paper, I knew I needed (and wanted) to get on it.

12.01.11-ruby 1

12.01.11-ruby 2

So I went out to my studio and drew my faithful companion, Ruby. The first one I did with my favorite fat marker–a Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush. I love drawing with it because of the bold lines. And it’s permanent if I want to add watercolor or paint. The second one I obviously used pencil. I was a water-soluble graphite pencil. But even though drawing was helping me to feel better, I just didn’t feel like adding any color or getting all fancy. So I left it a simple pencil sketch.

I had been making art everyday, first thing in the morning before doing any other work. It’s so easy for me to get thrown off of that routine. And for some reason, this week I was. So tomorrow, I’m going to try to get back to art first thing before other work.

I’m happy to see that other people are joining me with drawing every day. If you’d like your name to be on the participant’s list, click on the link in the right sidebar to add your name on that page. Then don’t forget to grab a 30 Days of Drawing button to add to your blog.”

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  1. I only recently discovered the water soluble graphite and I am in LOVE with them!! Thanks for giving us, via yourself, 30 really joyous days of holiday cheer!!

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