30 Days of Drawing – 12.03.11

12.03.11 d

Today was the final life drawing session at the University for the semester. I was excited to go because I had missed the last 3 from being out of town, or doing shows. But, to be honest, I was disappointed when I saw who the model was.

120311 a

I drew this model this summer, and didn’t really like it. Mainly because he doesn’t hold his poses very well. And some of his poses are odd, making it even harder for him to hold. He also looks like being there is the last place on earth he wants to be.

12.03.11 b

But, I told myself I needed to stay and draw. I was there. It was free. And it was the last session until the semester starts again.

12.03.11 c

So I stayed and drew for 2 hours. I told myself it was ok to leave early. Why force myself to stay if I wasn’t really into it? Some of my drawings were ok. The nice thing about the way I was feeling is that I wasn’t really attached to the drawings, so it left me open to experiment, and push a bad drawing since I couldn’t really ruin it. The first one I posted is probably the best, and it started out the worst.


I have to say, the best part of going to draw was seeing this piece in the hallway of the drawing studios. It was almost from floor to ceiling tall, and fabulous!

Here’s a detail. You might not be able to tell, but it’s a collage–made up of pieces of paper that had been drawn on. I was amazed. There wasn’t any info as to whether it was a whole class project, or just one student’s piece.

Then on the main floor, I saw some amazing prints, mainly on fabric that were huge. They were probably over 6ft tall, and they were relief prints from carved wood! The photo isn’t very great, but it gives you an idea. When I was leaving, and trying to wind my way around to get closer to the parking lot since it was raining, I left through the printmaking department. They had a bunch more of the prints hanging up, and I saw one of the carved wooden blocks. AMAZING.

So, I showed up, got some drawing done, and saw some inspirational art! Perfect considering it’s a rainy, dreary day out and I seriously thought about skipping because of the rain. I hope those of you who are joining me are enjoying drawing so far! Remember, showing up is half the battle.

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  1. So…. I decided to draw, and the RESISTANCE thoughts popped up in a line.
    1. You have more important things to do
    2. You have 3 cartons full of sketch books from high school and college, Where are you going to put MORE?
    3. I went to look for a blank book, found a nice hard-bound (somewhat pricey) book I got with my 50% off coupon. Next thought? You’re sketches won’t be good enough for this nice book.
    Anyone else finding resistance?

    P.S. I drew in my morning pages lined notebook

  2. I love your drawings of the model because you can tell he just wasn’t really very modely. You captured him perfectly! I could never do one of these live model classes because I would just start laughing. The skull collage is amazing!

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